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Responsible Tourism

MV Western Isles Cruises Ltd is aware of many positive and rewarding aspects of running a business such as ours – the buying of local produce, supporting small communities, helping to promote tourism & wild life awareness is very beneficial to the local community. However with these things, there is always potential for a negative impact on the environment.

Although at the starting blocks with our new business venture, we aim for the future to provide a service with as many “Green” credentials as possible.

  • The MV Western Isles is very fuel efficient and low noise.
  • Our fuel use is recorded, so fuel economy can be monitored.
  • Fuel tanks on the vessel are designed to withstand damage and spillage.
  • Vessel departure times tie in with the train timetable and other Ferry Services to encourage use of public transport.
  • Heating on the vessel is by radiators, these are heated via a heat exchanger which derives its heat from the cooling systems of the engines. Thus providing free heating for the vessel.

A few things to remember:

  • When walking, keep dogs on a lead.
  • Keep to established routes & paths where possible.
  • Respect the interests of local people in the Countryside.
  • Put your rubbish in appropriate refuse containers and dispose of safely.
  • Discarded cigarette ends can cause fire in the heather.
  • Close gates behind you.
  • Do not throw rubbish overboard.

Help us enjoy the environment responsibly.

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